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“Will Academic Freedom And Campus Free Speech Survive?”

“Those interviewed by Inside Higher Ed had somewhat differing definitions of what academic freedom should protect. The AAUP’s own 1940 statement on academic freedom contains qualifications in its definition. It says faculty members “are entitled to full freedom in research and in the publication of the results, subject to the adequate performance of their other […]

“Grading By Alphabetical Order Hurts Fairness” – Random Order Is Better

“The study, which analyzed more than 30 million assessment records from the Wolverine State’s flagship from 2014 to 2022, shows that students whose last names start with W, X,Y and Z received grades that were approximately 0.6 points lower than their peers whose names begin with A, B and C. Researchers attribute the discrepancy to unconscious […]

Standardized Tests Have Value. Let’s Debate That Value More Effectively.

“For these reasons and more, many of us believe that standardized tests deserve a place in the current admissions process. Reasonable people can disagree with any of the above conclusions, but we should be able to have that debate without misrepresenting opposing views… Let’s return to the principle that we should understand opposing views before […]


Every week I send out articles I encounter from around the web. Subject matter ranges from hard knowledge about teaching to research about creativity and cognitive science to stories from other industries that, by analogy, inform what we do as educators. This breadth helps us see our work in new ways.

Readers include teachers, school leaders, university overseers, conference organizers, think tank workers, startup founders, nonprofit leaders, and people who are simply interested in what’s happening in education. They say it helps them keep tabs on what matters most in the conversation surrounding schools, teaching, learning, and more.

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