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    • Fordham Institute
    • 12/15/23
    “Will AI replace human tutors and teachers? Yes, AI will. This school headmaster; this survey; DuoLingo guy here. No, AI won’t. Nathaniel Grossman in Fordham; Freddie DeBoer; Dan Meyer. Our question: What if AI has profoundly different effects on motivated and unmotivated learners?”
    • Sense and Sensation
    • 12/15/23
    “While AI can help students analyze text, identify detail in an image, and structure a work of writing, only the student can apply this understanding to her world. Only the student can integrate new understanding into his school community and personal relationships. Only the student can practice new habits based on new ideas and understanding […]

A.I. Updates

    • FlexOS
    • 01/29/24
    “Grammarly AI comes in at number 3, provides 30 million people support and coaching on writing effectively. In our previous report, “Generative AI at Work”, Grammarly was named as the second-most-used Generative AI tool by US knowledge workers.”
    • Maha Bali
    • 01/11/24
    “Teachers need to focus on enhancing their own critical AI literacy, particularly around what is possible with AI and exposure to the variety of uses available to students. Whether or not a teacher believes AI can or could or should be integrated into their teaching (this choice is highly contextual and differs by teaching philosophy, […]
    • Edutopia
    • 01/03/24
    “In the paragraphs that follow, I’ve divided these tasks into the following categories: planning instruction, handouts and materials, differentiation, correspondence, assessment, and writing instruction and feedback.”
    • New York Times
    • 01/03/24
    ““I don’t want A.I. or ChatGPT to become like this Ping-Pong game where we just get caught back and forth weighing the positives and negatives,” said Naomi Roth, a 12th grader who helps lead the Human Rights Club. “I think kids need to be able to critique it and assess it and use it.””
    • Brandeis
    • 01/01/24
    “Whether students in your course are forbidden from using chatGPT or expected to explore its limits, a policy helps ensure that your expectations for appropriate interaction with generative AI tools are clear to students. Once you decide on a policy, make sure you articulate it clearly for your students, so that they know what is […]
    • EdWeek
    • 12/15/23
    “Districts should aim for “good, strong, basic guidance” and “bring teachers into the conversation” to help inform it, since they are likely to bring up issues that district leaders may have never thought of… Two major issues to address: ensuring teachers understand AI’s strengths and weaknesses and keeping student data safe.”



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