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A.I. Updates

    • Michigan Virtual
    • 05/31/24
    “As schools end the academic year and look ahead to the 24-25 school year, many are likely still trying to determine the best strategies for realizing the potential benefits and overcoming the challenges related to artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. To do so, schools should consider taking a structured approach to AI integration based on the […]
    • Leon Furze
    • 05/13/24
    “I have two things I need to do right now: Decide which skills are fundamental to my discipline, and which absolutely need to be learned slowly, methodically, and without offloading onto technology. Decide which skills and content I can (or must) offload, knowing that GenAI is now competent across a broad range of multimodal skillsets. […]
    • AI for Education
    • 05/10/24
    “Since 2019, the presence of Deepfakes – hyperrealistic AI-generated video, photo, and audio forgeries – has surged by 550%, reaching a staggering 95,820 documented deepfake videos in 2023 alone. This blurring of reality requires a new approach to vetting if online content is real or fake. This guide is designed to build student awareness of […]
    • Leon Furze
    • 05/05/24
    “Rethinking Assessment for GenAI is a free 60 page eBook which covers everything from ways to update assessments, to the reasons I advise against AI detection tools.”
    • Dan Meyer
    • 05/01/24
    “The ASU+GSV organizers invited a bunch of us there to give 20-minute talks on a stage that was adjacent to all the AI edtech vendors. Naturally, I thought the appropriate thing to do in that context was criticize AI edtech vendors, specifically criticizing them for selling an image of classroom teaching and student learning that […]
    • MiddleWeb
    • 04/11/24
    “Where does this leave us as teachers? We must accept that our students will want to push The Button, as Mollick describes – the LLM click that creates an essay or solves a problem set. Or, for teachers, writes a letter of recommendation for a student. In fact, Mollick asks the open question of whether, […]



    • The Verge
    • 05/04/24
    “Aaron is one of many young users who have discovered the double-edged sword of AI companions. Many users like Aaron describe finding the chatbots helpful, entertaining, and even supportive. But they also describe feeling addicted to chatbots, a complication which researchers and experts have been sounding the alarm on… For many Character.AI users, having a […]





    • Leon Furze
    • 05/01/24
    “This first post lays out a general strategic framework that any faculty leader can adapt to bring discussions of this technology into their domain. In subsequent posts, I will be inviting faculty leaders from across a range of disciplines to contribute ideas on how AI can be used in their disciplines.”
    • Rooted
    • 03/21/24
    “It’s safe to say that AI is exactly the kind of “emergent novel reality” that brings new structural uncertainties to our schools and beyond, structural uncertainties that no oracle or expert system could predict with complete accuracy. That’s why the topic demands a systems-thinking approach (like the 5 P’s framework), or a new mental model […]











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