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A.I. Updates

    • EdWeek
    • 02/19/24
    “Education Week consulted four teachers and two child-development experts on when K-12 students should start using AI-powered tech and for what purposes. They all agree on this central fact: There is no avoiding AI… All this makes it essential that students learn about AI in school, experts say. But when, and how, exactly? We’ve got […]
    • New York Times
    • 02/14/24
    “If we answer that question from a place of fear about what’s left for people in the age of A.I., we can end up conceding a diminished view of human capability. Instead, it’s critical for us all to start from a place that imagines what’s possible for humans in the age of A.I. When you […]
    • FlexOS
    • 01/29/24
    “Grammarly AI comes in at number 3, provides 30 million people support and coaching on writing effectively. In our previous report, “Generative AI at Work”, Grammarly was named as the second-most-used Generative AI tool by US knowledge workers.”
    • Maha Bali
    • 01/11/24
    “Teachers need to focus on enhancing their own critical AI literacy, particularly around what is possible with AI and exposure to the variety of uses available to students. Whether or not a teacher believes AI can or could or should be integrated into their teaching (this choice is highly contextual and differs by teaching philosophy, […]
    • Edutopia
    • 01/03/24
    “In the paragraphs that follow, I’ve divided these tasks into the following categories: planning instruction, handouts and materials, differentiation, correspondence, assessment, and writing instruction and feedback.”
    • New York Times
    • 01/03/24
    ““I don’t want A.I. or ChatGPT to become like this Ping-Pong game where we just get caught back and forth weighing the positives and negatives,” said Naomi Roth, a 12th grader who helps lead the Human Rights Club. “I think kids need to be able to critique it and assess it and use it.””




    • EdWeek
    • 01/03/24
    “One of the big challenges of providing teacher feedback at scale has been instructional coaches’ caseloads. While AI can’t replace that human contact, it can tag and process classroom transcripts much faster than humans. So coaches potentially can use data from AI tools to tailor their feedback to teachers, if they can’t themselves observe teachers […]
    • Edutopia
    • 12/15/23
    “TeachFX’s data reports now identify more than 20 different insights, such as whether teachers are building on what students say, whether they’re asking open-ended questions that push student thinking forward, and how often they’re using academic language in lessons. The technology then analyzes the content of the files that teachers upload, picking out specific words […]



    • IJETHE
    • 10/27/23
    “We found about half the students preferred receiving feedback from a human tutor, and half preferred AI-generated feedback. Those that preferred sitting down and discussing their feedback with a tutor cited the face-to-face interaction as having affective benefits, such as increasing engagement, as well as benefits for developing their speaking abilities. Those that preferred AI-generated […]





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